Get a unique access to trade

Via our channel coverage and presence across Balkan you have the possibility of reaching more than 8 million consumers.
Our connections to the local trade communities go way back and are well preserved through years of maintaining good relationships and we can make sure you meet your target group where they shop.
Gaining access to a wide variety of distribution channels would be time and resource-consuming if you did it on your own. Still, Digital Business Group is your guarantee for easy access as well as excellent execution of your desired sales channel strategy.
Our Key Account Managers and sales force will work hard for you in the field, making sure campaigns and local efforts are being pushed.

Reach your target group across sales channels


Retail is one of the biggest sales channels for many brands. Covered by all countries.

Digital Service & On trade

Hotels, restaurants, bars, canteens, cafés. Covered by: AL, KS, MK

Travel Retail

Border trade, ferries, airports and airlines in the Nordics. Covered by: AL, KS, MK


Easy, fast and centrally located. Covered by all countries.


Consumers’ online shopping keeps increasing across categories. Covered by: Al, KS, MK


An optimal placement of healthcare and personal care product. Covered by: AL, KS, MK


Due to our yearlong experience with retail, we know the structures and premises of this sales channel. We are your local expert, providing you with insight, expertise and operational strength. Local knowledge about consumer trends, category development and shopping behavior help us in empowering your brands. Even in a very competitive market, we ensure brands visibility and great placement instore.
Throughout the years, we have built a strong network to retail customers. Our Brand Managers and Key Account Managers can navigate in a complex landscape of stakeholders and are efficient in meeting the requirements from both retail customers and brand owners. It is a priority for us, that our Sales, Marketing and Logistic departments work very closely together – this is the key to succeed, especially in retail – because we need to deliver at the right time, at the right place, at the right price. Just like in any other aspect of the value chain, trust and transparency is fundamental in our approach.

Digital services

We bring three different insights into play
By combining these three types of knowledge, we are able to create successful collaborations with our digital service brand owners; growing and developing their brands through this sales channel. The digital service market has an increasing turnover, thus, holds great potential for many brands.
We sell a concept and a service – then, the brands and products
Our approach to the digital service market is providing our customers with great digital inspiration; first, by presenting professionally, then, afterward,ds by suggesting the products from our portfolio, needed to make the delicious feast happen. This has proven to be an all-around win-win: brand owners gets their products into the digital service market, the digital service customers are presented with a full concept of both development and the best products to use in their establishments and finally, everything comes together for the end-consumer to enjoy.
Local expertise is the key
Each country has its habits and patterns, and even local regions and neighborhoods can differ in the digital service market. However, we master the local similarities and differences because of our strong network and presence in the native markets. Our digital service departments across countries have dedicated brand- and key account managers and sales teams in the field – all with a great passion for digital. We work closely with wholesalers and customers such as public institutions, educational institutions, Horeca, chains, and canteens.
Potential collaboration setups – we can help you with selected services, or the whole palette.
Consultancy work – sales, fairs, local events.
Key Account Management – chain deals, annual negotiations, follow-ups, planning and forecasting.
Marketing – local activities, catalogues and sales material, fairs.
Warehousing and distribution.

How can we help you with your channel strategy?

Are you a customer interested in selling the brands in our portfolio? Our Business Development team is here to help you.
Please do reach out to us and explain your situation and ambitions – and let us come up with the right solution for taking your brand to the next level.
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