Digital Business Group provides tailor-made and effective solutions to brand owners to ensure profitability and excellence on their route to market.

The flexible value chain of Digital Business Group encompasses a range of tailor-made, modular solutions for brand owners. We can provide everything from full or partial aspects of the value chain.

Your route to market partner


Entering a new market?

Your situation and ambitions:

We want to expand our brand into new markets, yet we do not have enough local market knowledge or no existing contacts to relevant retailers.”

Your solution and results:

We set in to motion our unique local market knowledge and insights, which are crucial when entering new, unexplored markets. What works in one market, does not by default work elsewhere.

Due to our strong network and excellent access to local businesses, your coverage and market share is maximised from an early stage.

Our passionate employees have a high level of brand commitment, thus, supporting you as local brand ambassadors.

We have proven expertise in managing international brands, and combined with up-to-date market insights and organizational dedication, your market entry will have the best conditions to succeed.


Planning to launch a new brand?

Your situation and ambitions:

We want to launch a new brand, and we need a route to market solution and a clear defined strategy to successfully develop and adapt this brand to our existing portfolio.

Your solution and results:

We have proven experience in successfully launching new brands in our local markets. However, we approach each case differently depending on the brand, and we customize the route to market solution.

We have solid insights in market conditions, category trends and consumer behavior which helps us in developing your launch strategy. The right marketing mix is created by our Brand Managers, and the Key Account Manager’s and sales force’s access to trade supports the listing process and ideal appearance at point of sales – building awareness we turn into sales.

Besides an effective growth kick-off, we set realistic KPIs in close collaboration with you – and we continuously follow-up and keep track of the latest performance.


Let’s reach your brand’s full potential in local markets

Your situation and ambitions:

We want to boost our power of impact in the market considerably, however, due to our size and current setup we are limited in our choice of means.

Your solution and results:

Our strong, local market expertise enables us to identify how you can grow your brand in the most suitable way, taking into consideration your current portfolio and performance, and furthermore, external factors such as consumer trends, market conditions and future opportunities.

Having a result-oriented sales organization with maximum sales push and a countrywide presence, your brand is in competent hands – activating brands at point-of-sales is one of our strongest competences, and it will show in your sales growth.

We create synergies across categories and products, which benefits your brand when becoming a part of our strong portfolio.


Looking for an outsourcing partner?

Your situation and ambitions:

We want to expand our existing business, which we have managed ourselves so far, especially by increasing our cost efficiency and profitability.

Your solution and results:

Flexibility: We make your fixed costs flexible. You can upscale and downscale your setup including Field Sales, Brand Management, Key Account Management & Back Office to release capital for new investments.

Cost savings: Spend less, get more – without compromising on quality and expertise. We are your assurance for success.

Outsourcing specialist for full departments: Whether you need to outsource the value chain fully (incl. employees) or partial, we take good care of your business and will make it grow and develop.

Customization: We tailor-make solutions based on your specific needs and objectives; every situation is unique, and we handle every outsourcing partnership individually and attentively.


Expanding to new distribution channels?

Your situation and ambitions:

We are contemplating adding a distribution channel to our current route to market setup, however, we are not familiar with this specific channel, the market conditions and consumer behavior.

Your solution and results:

We have a broad channel coverage, working with all major distribution channels such as digitalization transformation, retail, IT services, on-trade, convenience, travel retail, pharmacy, and e-commerce.

Our close relationship with customers enables us to develop a tailor-made channel strategy for your brand, based on local market knowledge and your business objectives.

Regardless of channel, our Key Account Managers’ powerful negotiation skills and our superior position in the market will provide you with easy access to the distribution channel of your dream. Our flexible sales setup gives your brand a smooth implementation of the tailor-made channel strategy.

How we approach a partnership:


We analyze and evaluate the current route to market situation, the potential your brand has and the challenges it is facing.


Taking stalk of the current market situation, we align ambitions, needs, expectations and dreams, and furthermore, we agree on business objectives.


We create a customized route to market solution for your specific brand and needs, based on our local market insights, expertise and network.


We execute smoothly and ensure a successful implementation in the market – catalyzing your brand’s growth and development.

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