Om E-arkiva

Om E-arkiva

Who Are We?

E-arkiva started its operations in the summer of 2016 as a result of an increased need for consulting services in the area of digital archives and information management.
As independent consultants, our task is to help our clients ensure that important information is preserved and kept available.
We are well acquainted with the laws and regulations that regulate various activities and can be a support when it comes to living up to these requirements. Our customers are in the public sector, banking and insurance, real estate and construction, pharmaceuticals, and industry.
According to our basic view, there is a great value for all organizations to have a well-functioning information structure - it leads to savings in time through more efficient management and to direct benefits for the organization, its employees, and end customers.
    Digital Business Services
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    Digital Business Services is the leading Marketing, Sales and Distribution company in Kosovo, North Macedonia & Albania.


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